Here are some of the interesting projects that we have been working on over the years.


A long-time collaborator, Cupio hired us to get their e-shop in top shape for last year’s Black Friday. The Clever++ team developed a custom module that easily creates landing pages, and most importantly, avoids website downtime when shops are presented with high traffic.

Cupio Blog

Cupio's blog-site is the place where customers can find interesting information about beauty trends, latest news, tutorials, available products, and many more.Our developers at Clever++ were entrusted with designing a fresh website, in line with the brand's reputation for exceptional user experience.


One of the largest online retailers for electronic equipment, Vitacom approached us to optimize their website performance, integrate Fact Finder for seamless product search, and develop a new online store for their B2C market.


As they run their ecommerce store on a custom PHP platform that lacked tech support, Jolly hired us to migrate it to the latest Magento version and customize it to their own requirements. Integrating an elaborate ERP and WMS gave the project an increased complexity.

Super Farm Land

Our work with Super Farm Land began in 2018 when we started offering support for the online shop built on Magento 1. Extensive tasks were carried out, including site optimization, installing security patches and overall maintenance.

Tini Mini Toys

Tini Mini Toys are our long time client. We developed the website on Magento 2.1. and over the time, we have made upgrades and installed the necessary security patches, so that the platform is always updated to the latest version and runs well.

Zestre Gallery

Zestre Gallery is one of the first marketplaces in Romania that sells art, and we are proud to be part of their journey. Zestre Gallery hired us to develop a platform that not only sells, but also handles the logistics after placing orders and helps both seller and buyer keep in touch until the process is finalized.


Our work for the airsoft online store included upgrading the platform to the latest Magento version, with all the updates derived from it. At the same time, the Clever++ team installed and customized a new theme to give the brand a fresh look and implemented various solutions to optimize website performance and reduce bounce rate.

Slei requested our help to migrate their platform from Magento 2.1 to the latest version. The differences in both code and database required a clean magento install, as opposed to a quick migration. The Clever++ team had to adapt all the custom modules, but also the theme. All are now compatible with the latest version of Magento running on PHP8.1.


This project is a special one for us and represents a donation from Clever++ for Owlro, an NGO and psychological practice that deals with children and adolescents with socio-emotional, behavioral or developing difficulties.

A small project for us from a technical point of view, the Clever++ team tried to shed some light on the work that these amazing people do and show our long-run support.

La Casa

La Casa Pane is one of the best known names in Transilvania’s restaurant and food delivery scene. The company hired us to optimize their complex food delivery online shop built on Magento 2.

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