Completely different from its predecessor, with a modular architecture which supports a scalable approach, Shopware 6 is slowly but surely gaining advocates all over the world. The newest 6.4 version features some attributes that make it stand out: improved usability, a more user-friendly CMS and the ability to create unique content.

Why switch to Shopware 6?
If you are looking for improved usability, a more user-friendly CMS and readiness for global expansion, then the migration to the last Shopware 6.4 version is the right answer.
Create extremely engaging content Create extremely engaging content Users can now design pages with the ‘Drag-and-drop’ layouts, without any technical skills, to create amazing content effortlessly.
High focus on usability High focus on usability The latest release comes with various new features: a new wish list, extended search option settings, ‘starting from’ prices, quicker checkout processes are there to help merchants sell more.
Work flows Work flows Handling large projects is now easier than ever thanks to the Shopware Publisher tool. It creates workflows that can be shared by the teams, thus enabling seamless collaboration.
API-first approach API-first approach All shop functionalities can be controlled via the API, allowing the shop platform to connect devices to customers, go-to-market channels and other applications.
Ready-for-future technology Ready-for-future technology Shopware uses Symfony and Vue.js as the standard frameworks, whereas the frontend is based on Bootstrap, making it lightweight, fast, and flexible.
Easy-to-use extensions Easy-to-use extensions Shopware features a direct integration of the extensions store in the platform. Users can browse, purchase, or rent any extensions directly in the admin module.
What to expect when migrating to Shopware 6?

Data migration
Using Shopware’s data Migration Tool, we will migrate products, categories, customers, orders, and other necessary data from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6.

Migration of extensions
After deciding on the Shopware extensions required by your store to create that unique selling experience, we will migrate them to the new platform.

Custom modules migration
Depending on your business needs, all custom modules required for your store will be rebuilt for the new Shopware 6 platform.

Shopware migration
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