For those who wish to have a well-organized and profitable farm, Super Farm Land brings together more than 10,000 high quality products for animal husbandry and agriculture, in a modern and efficient online shop.

The platform

Our work with Super Farm Land began in 2018 when we started offering support for the online shop built on Magento 1. Extensive tasks were carried out, including site optimization, installing security patches and overall maintenance.

In October 2019, the Clever++ team migrated the shop to Magento 2, a more secure platform, with an improved speed and performance.

Super Farm Land eStore development

Extensive improvements

After revising business needs, all custom modules were rebuilt for the new Magento 2 platform and existing extensions were migrated.

Addressed primarily to the B2B market, we managed to create a shopping experience which is unique to each user. Products are presented with detailed information, and the payment options are flexible and secure.

Super Farm Land Magento development
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